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The Riviera Maya is a Mexican tourist destination that began in the early 1990s after remaining for centuries as one of the best kept secrets for Mexican and foreign travelers.

Although it was already an area known for its extraordinary beauty and beaches, the Riviera Maya emerged due to the tourist movement in the region known as the Cancún – Tulum corridor, which in the 1980s began to have greater relevance among visitors.
Since then it has continued to grow very dynamically in line with demand, thanks to the international recognition and prestige it has obtained thanks to its beautiful beaches but also to the excellent quality of services.

Where is the Riviera Maya?

If you are wondering where the Riviera is because you can’t find it specifically on a map, you have to know that it is not exactly a city or municipality as such.

The Riviera Maya extends from 36 kilometers south of Cancún and ends in the town known as Punta Allen in the south of Quintana Roo.
It is a coastal strip that is located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico and offers beautiful white sand beaches, archaeological zones, reefs, parks, lagoons, rivers, cenotes, underground caverns, a great variety and richness in flora and fauna, cabins, luxury hotels and picturesque towns that still preserve vestiges and traditions of the ancient Mayans, such as in Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Main points of interest in the Riviera Maya

Throughout the Riviera Maya there are several points of interest and cities, several of them alone are already recognized for being excellent options for visitors, in each one you can find different options for entertainment, fun and culture:

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