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The Province of Puerto Plata is located north of the island of Santo Domingo. North borders the Atlantic Ocean to which it owes its name “The Bride of the Atlantic”.

Puerto Plata includes many tourist sites such as the beach of Cabarete which is well known for its water sports. There has been a big change in the part of Sosua and Cabarete in the province of Puerto Plata in recent years. The two sites have expanded tremendously and have become a tourist site.

Puerto Plata has some of the best beaches in the country such as Sosúa, Playa Dorada, Maimón, Cafemba, Playa Grande (Luperón), Cabarete, Long Beach, Longbichito. In some, as in Playa Dorada, Cofresi, Long Beach or Cabarete, where various types of sports such as jet bike racing, surfing, windsurfing, kite sailing are practiced.

In addition to beaches and water sports in Puerto Plata can be practiced hiking, cycling, adventure tourism or visiting nature reserves and parks as Isabel Torres Mountain, Cabarete Lagoon or Los Caños de Estero Hondo. Or delve into history through its Victorian architecture, the colonial fortress of San Felipe or the Jewish settlement of Sosúa near the year of 1940.

Tourism is so important in Puerto Plata, that the government and companies make innovative programs for tourism and the tourist stay pleasant and memorable. In Puerto Plata can be made endless activities and learn more about the entire town and go to places like:

• Cable Car Tours (Cable Car)
• General Gregorio Luperón House Museum
• Outback Safari
• Observation of humpback whales
• The  San Felipe Fortress
• The Eco Tours
• The Tours Zones

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